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The House has numerous sports leagues

We are proud to host and sponsor a team in the Bull City Dart League.

The Bull City Dart League (BCDL) was founded in May, 1993.  The first matches took place on June 1st, 1993 at The Green Room and the Oyster Bar in Durham, North Carolina.  From its humble beginnings with 6 teams playing out of 2 bars, the league has grown to its current state of 20 teams and 9 local watering holes.

The BCDL is the only handicapped steel-tip dart league in North Carolina.  Every singles game played is converted into a points-per-dart (PPD) value, and every player has a Handicap PPD average.  By adding points to the "better" player in x01 games, or giving points to the "lesser" player in cricket games, each game becomes more competitive.  The BCDL currently covers the spectrum of talent levels, from entire teams of newcomers to teams with multi-time state champions.  With the handicap system those teams sometimes play each other and often have very competitive, enjoyable matches.

The BCDL runs three seasons per calendar year on Tuesday evenings.  Each team consists of 4 to 8 players.  Unlike the other area leagues, teams are placed in the standings based on game points first and match wins second.  This system increases player involvement; every game counts in the standings regardless of the current match score.  Each season ends with the top 8-12 teams playing in a League Championship Tournament.  Tournament winners have their names added to the traveling BCDL Championship Cup.

The league's official site is :

We host the Research Triangle Park (RTP) Volleyball League (Amateur Free-Play available).


The RTPVL runs two 10 week outdoor volleyball seasons (Spring and Fall), with season ending tournaments. Prizes are awarded to both the regular season and tournament champions.

The format is 6 person teams, with at least one woman and no more than 4 men on the court at any time. We play on courts distributed throughout RTP.

We offer a Competitive League on Tuesday nights, an Intermediate League on Wednesday nights, and a Recreational League on Thursday nights. This season we are again offering a co-ed sand doubles league on Monday nights.

The league site is:

We are proud to sponsor our team on the RTP softball league.


The RTP softball league runs from mid-April through Labor Day.


Over 800 employees participate on company teams, with 16 co-ed teams extending the season to play in the RTP World Series at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. There has been a tremendous growth of the RTP Softball League over the past couple of years, with this year being the largest – 48 teams, with players from more than 20 companies within RTP!

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